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    This is less of a product review and more of a company review. I recently was hunting for x39 brass for some projects, and lamented on a post here that I couldn’t find any. u/AmmoBrass just happened to see it, and long story short, we arranged a trade (I’m local to them) for some brass I didn’t need.
    The whole time, both of them (Matthew and Steve) were super helpful, communicative, and professional. When we met up Steve even took some of his valuable time to show me a bit of their operation (which was very impressive), and was very fair with trade terms. I could tell right away that these guys are very passionate and excited about what they do, and want to provide a solid service to the reloading community.
    The quality and value of the product was great too… part of the trade was for 600 x39 pieces, and the bag contained an extra 13 pieces and only 1 berdan primed case, as well as some bonus .357 magnum that missed the sorter. Like I said I traded, but I haven’t been able to find any once fired x39 for anywhere close to their price, so I will be purchasing from them when I need more.
    Also a note, if you need ANY rare/abnormal brass, and I mean any, send them a message and ask for it. I probably saw 10 times the variety on their shelves than what they have available on their website/etsy. I’d be willing to bet if you shoot it, they have brass for it.
    TLDR: Between their outstanding quality and above and beyond customer service, I don’t see myself buying once fired brass anywhere else.

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