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    Posted by Robert on February 4, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    Hey guys. I’m starting to take building an AR seriously, and looking for some help on finding some admittedly niche parts, as I’m not too familiar with the manufacturer side of fire arms.
    Let me lay out my basic build plan,for those of you who are willing and able to give me your recommendation. Anyone else who can point me in the right direction, you are also appreciated.
    I’m looking to make a sporterized bolt action AR, just like a traditional bolt gun, because why not. And I’m looking to make a very simple DMR type. The bolt gun I’m just simply at a stand still, because I can’t find any lowers or uppers for the build at all. I already know what barrel I want, but finding a bolt action upper has been impossible for me. Google and duck duck go come back with only full guns for thousands of dollars. And the lower I simply come back with no meaningful results other than blog posts with no links to a manufacturer, or if it does, the maker discontinued the product. The goal of the bolt build is just to make a goofy range toy to make people look at it weird. Plus I like bolt guns. I’m aware of the charger-type bolt guns, but cocking the gun every time from the top just seems awkward. A side charge is a must have for this thing. Again, just like a traditional bolt gun.
    The DMR I know is far simpler to find parts for, and the only thing I can’t find to my liking is an upper and bolt carrier group. The goal is well, a DMR, but highly simplified. I’ve found that I can get an A2 stock pretty easy, with a storage compartment. Polymer lowers are plenty in assembled to 80%, and same with aluminium. I’ve got my barrel locked down to a 18-24″ .223 wylde for flexibility. But that super simple upper has eluded me. Uppers are plenty without a forward assist, but I’ve only found one or two with no forward assist, and no brass deflector or dust cover. I do want the dust cover, and that’s where the challange is. I suppose I could live without the dust cover, but the one or two makers just seem sketchy at best to buy from. So what are you lot aware of in that department? And what could I trust to buy from? And then there’s the bolt carrier, which I’m simply not educated enough to really understand a whole lot. I’m looking for a bolt that will be light, and really not much else. Because I do want to keep this things weight down where I’m able. I know that’s a bit redundant with an 18″+ barrel, but humor me.
    Thanks for any and all input.

    Robert replied 2 years, 5 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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