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    Fellow reloaders,
    Check out this new wildcat I’m working on! It’s a 9mm Luger variant ultra compressed!
    All kidding aside, PSA to always watch what you’re doing and don’t get complacent. I’ve been reloading for about 5 years now and do many of the common rifle and pistol variants. I’ve made just about every error you can think of (thankfully never sent a dangerous load!) but this one was a new one for me. Done using a Dillion 550. This is a 9mm 124gr bullet pressed down onto 5.9gr of powder by the powder funnel after having already been seated. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel all that different when the press was cycled.
    As near as I can tell trying to think how this happened, I just pulled a round out of the catch tray to give it a spot COAL check as I do every 100 rnds or so. I usually sit off to the left of the press so I can see the case going into the bullet seating station and be out of the way of the press handle. A lot of the time I’m loading the first station by feel. What I think I did was have the measured round in hand, inserted it in the first station and then indexed. I was paying attention to the powder in the bullet seating station and placing the bullet in the case I failed to see I had a fully loaded round in the charging station. So I cycled the press, and presto! (THE PUN!). Powder everywhere and another lesson learned.
    I’m saving the round as I do with some of my errors as reminders.

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