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    Obviously I haven’t made a grave mistake, but I did accidentally win a gunbroker auction today I didn’t expect to, and am apparently now the proud owner of a new SP1 20ga sporting with 30″ barrels.
    I have been in the hunt for quite some time to find a clean, used, quality O/U in the beretta/browning/japanese winchester variety. Just wanted to see what armory forum’s opinion was on the new OptimaChokeHP barrels, and if you think I will be happy with this decision for clays and quail hunting.
    I considered several used older silver pigeons, guerini’s, rizzini’s, etc. and in my experience it seemed like people were far overvaluing what their used shotgun was worth on the used market, but part of me wishes I had sprung for a 2005 deep engraved SP2 sporting that is now discontinued, but is on the mobilchoke system, older, and used, for $400 more than what I have gotten this new SP1 sporting for.
    Just wanted to see if forumshotguns thinks I should be happy with this purchase, or try to sell it for what I have in it ($1850) vs the $2k retail price + tax wherever it is on the shelf and continue my hunt for a nice used item with some history, or just put my ADD aside trying to find the perfect find and be happy with the fine shotgun I just bought.
    Thanks in advance, sorry for the rambling.

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