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    So I shared the $99 Expo Arms on Gun Deals and decided to be a bit of a guinea pig for it, today I put around 200-300 rounds through it.
    After opening it and checking the bore, I wasn’t sure if it was dirt, oil/grease build up, or shitty rifling, so ran a bore snake through it a couple times, and with my eyes, it looked pretty good. Of course this is only human eye, so i cant say the same if you use a bore camera, but I couldn’t see any obvious “deformations” or anything.
    Gas port size is said to be .070”, I have the barrel set-up with a Geissele super gas block, and an H2 buffer on a standard carbine buffer tube, ammo today was Wolf gold, with all that, the ejection pattern was a consistent 3-4:30. As for grouping, I will post a picture below, that was while I was zeroing my dot, but PLEASE keep in mind this was only at 25 yards, I’m working with what I got, and understand this isn’t a true “testing” of this barrels accuracy.
    So far so good, except for the last 60 rounds, up until the end, everything ran extremely flawless, THEN, I started having failure to feed issues with both Lancer & Magpul mags. My non expert opinion points to possible extension/feedramp issues, but I would love to fet y’alls opinions. I should’ve taken a picture.
    [rifle/barrel & 25 yard grouping]( Like I said, I KNOW, I KNOW, only 25 yards, but its what I had, and for 10.3” HD oriented AR, I’m satisfied.
    I will post a 100 yard grouping when I have the chance.

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