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    So, I’ve been reloading 12ga since I was 14 and my dad bought me a Mec 600 jr press, and I loved it. I had planned on getting into rifle loading since I took up service rifle shooting in High School. Bought an RCBS Rockchucker and dies back then, but never wound up getting started due to a lot of life upheaval. So I have some basic background in reloading though.
    My main questions are what would be missing from my decent budget setup for reloading .30-06(for M1 Garand) and .223? I plan on buying the correct dies, a tumbler, and components of course.
    Do I need a case trimmer for just plinking rounds?
    I do enjoy reloading, but is it cost effective to reload .30-06 for an M1 Garand? I have tons of brass saved up so I don’t have to worry about buying that, but can you save a decent amount of money?

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