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    So we are trying to get some discussion going on this new patented weapon attachment due out this summer 2020. We just recently got back from the SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas where the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are looking for as much feedback as possible before we release to the public to make sure it is the best it can be. We believe this will save the lives of homeowners as well as our Men & Women in uniform while staying affordable to average american.
    Device does 3 main things:
    1. Works as a smart HD Gun camera recording any interaction both locally to the device and to a paired smart phone/device allowing reduced legal costs if by chance you have no choice but to defend yourself. The backup local recording is for those instances where your smart device is not nearby.
    2. Has 4 x Osram 950 nm Ifrared Night Vision LED’s that turn on automatically depending on light level good for up to a 40 ft range. Latest IR’s are undetectable by the human eye allowing for stealth sweeping & engagement.
    3. Aiming around Corners & Over Walls: When the device is turned on it auto starts an App on your smart device providing a direct connection with a latency free live video stream with a reticle overlay on the smart phone/device. What this allows you to do is instead of using your primary iron sights by looking down the barrel, you can take your barrel of your weapon and put it around a corner and instead use the live stream reticle to sweep, aim & fire accurately from the safety of cover. In essence allowing you to never get pinned downed in a fire fight.
    We had seen nothing even remotely close to this system at SHOT show 2020 in Las Vegas this year as it is truly a revolutionary system. The only system even close to it is the Israeli Corner Shot system which is noisy (gives away position when cocked left or right), has sun glare issues and is really expensive. Our system solves all their negatives while also adding Night Vision & Recording to the package for 1/10th the cost.
    Others notes:
    * Device also allows you change reticle styles/colors via the app with a preinstalled 10 different options.
    * It will also allow windage & elevation calibration (sight in) via the app allowing for very accurate aiming & firing.
    * For those concerned with one-handed tactical situations, we were able to take a 3rd party micro android phone and put it into a wrist strap allowing the user to keep both hands on the weapon.
    Again, we really want to hear from gun owners and LEO & Military professionals, would you use this? do you think it will save lives like we do? what would you add or change to the system?

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