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    So I had asked some questions previously and I’ve narrowed it down two two of the new Sig P320 RXP’s. I’m looking for a gun to carry in/around the size of a Glock 19. I’ll be carrying IWB most likely.
    Choice 1: Sig P320 Compact RXP – Standard P320 Compact but with a few changes. The optics plate is separate from the rear sight. Tall “suppressor height” or cowitness sights. (NOT X-Ray sights. Just white dot.) Sig Romeo 1 Pro included. 3.9″ barrel, standard P320 compact grip. Standard P320 Trigger.
    No LCI for the gas in optic issue.
    Choice 2: Sig P320 X Compact RXP – Once again the rear sights are separate from the optics mounting plate. This time with tall X-Ray night sights, the X compact grip, flat trigger, 3.6″ barrel. Romeo 1 Pro included. Again no LCI.
    About $140 difference between the two.
    So what I like:
    I really prefer the standard p320 trigger I THINK. Unfortunately i haven’t shot either and I do not think any local ranges have the X Compact for rent. I could probably find a P320 to rent. I have worked in the firearms industry for a while now so I have a pretty good idea and feel for how most guns shoot.
    I do prefer the x ray sights but it’s not a deal breaker being that it will have the romeo 1 pro.
    I would end up spending the $40 to put the x-compact grip module on if I bought the standard compact. So it would be identical minus night sights and with a .3″ longer barrel.
    I do plan on carrying IWB so while immediately my thought is to go with the compact, the smaller size overall of the x compact seems very attractive to me. (I currently carry a Glock 26 most days, P225 others.)
    I’m wondering if the longer barrel and slide on the compact would make it that much nicer of a shooter over the x.
    Which would you buy?
    Maybe someone with experience with the M&apple 2.0 3.6 vs 4.0 could chime in?

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