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home Forums – The GUN Forum How do you resize your brass for long range?

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    There’s a million articles about resizing, and every one of them different. Years ago I used to full length resize in my hunting 3006, but had several case head separations, one ultimately damaging the chamber. I would like to avoid that in the future.
    Now, I have a 6.5 CM, and a batch of Lapua small rifle primer brass that has just gone through it’s first firing. Time to resize and prepare them. Someone smarter and more competitive suggested the following, thus throwing it out here.
    1 – Lee Collet Die – Punch out the primers and neck size the cases, as they have been fired in my rifle already. This should give me uniform neck tension.
    2 – Take the Hornady full length sizing die I have, remove the expander rod/ball, and body size the brass, bumping the shoulder back one thousands… (won’t this mess with the fire formed brass?)
    3 – Tumble for a few hours (I wet tumble, then dry in a convection oven set on low heat).
    4 – Clean primer pockets and start the process of loading.
    Just for completeness sake I load CCI-450’s, Norma URP powder and 140gn ELD-M’s. Loaded to 2.83 due to magazine constraints. Shoots about 1/2 MOA and gives decent ES / SD.
    Comments / suggestions to do things better?

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