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  • How do you work up accurate loads?

    Posted by Robert on December 18, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    So for Christmas my dad got me 600 162gr sst and 100 150gr gmx factory seconds. I currently already have 600+ bullets at home. But I’m super excited to try lead free rounds(my 4year old loves deer meat). I shoot 280 rem, I’ve had the best luck with 140gr interlocks and imr4350(it’s 20years old! But I ran out). I plan on getting rl19 for my next powder.
    I’m curious on what your steps are for loading accurate rounds. Do you do 3 round sets and go up half a grain per set.? Do you just guess and work from something that shoots half decent?
    My rifle is a 24in barrel so a lot of loads people list online don’t shoot well from my rifle.

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