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    I know what you’re probably thinking , but I don’t want to remove cerakote for the reason you think. I recently purchased an 80% receiver set that was cerakoted and I milled and assembled it all this weekend. No problem there. But upon doing some basic function tests , the bolt carrier struggles to smoothly go back into the buffer and return forward when pulling the charging handle. It seems to get stuck and feels very gritty. I’ve used a lottttttttt of lube to try and get it to work it’s way free reliably but no luck. In the next couple days I’m going to try and go at the inside of the upper with a somewhat aggressive wire wheel and see if that works for me or not but before hand , does anyone else have suggestions for removing cerakote ? I guess I’m the bright side, this stuff is pretty damn durable which In this case is more of a curse than a blessing.
    Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated in advance !

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