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    Hey, I’m a total noob to guns, I’m trying out every pistol I can get my hands on before purchasing one.
    So far my favourite is the Kimber 1911, feels good in my hand, handles recoil well and most importantly, I shoot good with it.
    My range specialises in really old guns that have been absolutely beaten to shit. As much as I liked that Kimber, it was STIFF. Everything felt like it required so much more force than anything comparable. And I also got a jam which I think came from the slide not pushing the bullet into the barrel hard enough?
    Is this normal for a Kimber? Stiffness and jamming up like that? I’m hoping it’s just because it was old as hell.
    Another problem I had with it was that the manual safety was sharp and again really stiff. I’m having to put a lot of force on that lever to move it and it’s cutting into my hand.
    Is that normal? I’ve seen YouTube videos of people just flicking that safety up and down with their thumb like it’s nothing, but I don’t know if they have modified anything to get that so light.

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