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    Hello everyone I hope you are have a good day.
    I’ve been lurking and learning for a awhile now and wanted to get some input on my build. This will be my first firearm in general and I am hoping it can serve as a good learning experience for both shooting/safety/maintenance and for building and understanding rifles.
    My current expectation is it will be used primarily for range time and training courses but who knows beyond that. My budget is about 700-800 with some wiggle room. I’m trying to hold a general concept of some of the WWSD lessons and working towards upgrading with some of their more expansive options. Also, I am not looking for something ultra precise.
    My primary question right now is about your experiences with Faxon 14.5 pencil or gunner profiles and the pinned breaks. I realize this might be some analysis paralysis but I figured I’d ask anyways.
    How have they performed for you?
    Does anyone have direct experience with both profiles and what are your thoughts on pros and cons?
    Are the faxon pinned break/flash hiders GTG? I am not really sure what the difference would be and why someone would pick the three port or the three pronged flash hider over the other.
    I’m planning on following some of the other advice I’ve seen here for the rest of my build.
    Zrtactical 80% lower because I want to mill it out myself and have access to the machinery and skilled people to teach me. I feel it would be more fun and help me feel like it’s more of my own build. Also it feeds some deep seated prepped part of me.
    Aero precision upper w no FA. Save some weight and I like the look.
    PSA lower parts and EPT kit, milspec buffer tube and such. Seems like a good entry level trigger and parts kit.
    Milspec charging handle. I may spend more money on something cooler later but I am ok with this for now.
    MFT minimalist stock. Light weight and seems reliable. It seems GTG but I’m open to feedback.
    Toolcraft nitrided bolt or NiB if I can find it on sale. Seems to be the most recommended item on this sub so I trust you all.
    Aero s-one handguard. I like the look and lighter weight.
    Faxon low pro gas block .625 and what ever cheap mid nitrided gas tube I can find. Didn’t want to jump into adjustable gas blocks yet and this seems like a good budget lightweight gas block.
    I’m goin to start with Magpul buis till I get more comfortable and skilled and probably pick up a sig Romeo 5 or a lvpo depending on the distances of the range I find to shoot at.
    According to Gunstruction it should come in at about 5.5 lbs which I feel good about. Not looking to go crazy but wanted to be mindful of weight as a put this together.
    Apart from my previous specific questions I’d welcome any feedback or concerns you might have. I’m trying to learn as much as possible so anything helps.
    Thank you for your time I apologize for the length. I hope I can update you all on my build soon.

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