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  • Model ATF comments Part 2

     ashley308 updated 11 months, 1 week ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • ashley308

    June 11, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    Since my last post re: 80% lowers and such received some good feed back and seemed to help some I’m posting my comment again. I really don’t want to lose braced pistols so please, please, please, take the time to save your rights and push back against the most egregious attempt at overreach of the ATF in recent memory.


    Quick word, my work this time was a little rushed. I had a lot to say and work is crazy right now, and it’s wedding season and blah blah blah. My point is I still wrote something substantial and did my part, now do yours!

    *I am a firearms owner, hunter, and recreational shooter. I am a college educated individual who also has the benefit of having taken criminal justice courses, majored in legal studies and work within the legal field.*


    *Further I suffer from an injury I sustained as a young child wherein I almost lost my then dominate side arm (the left arm). Recovery from this injury took so long and was during such formative years that I am now right handed. Due to complications I sometimes lose strength in my left arm and at times my active life style leads to injuries to my right arm. For these reasons when I took up recreational shooting as a hobby after the outbreak of COVID19 I turned to braced pistols for the ease of use in one handed operation should I need to do so on any given day.*


    *I take issue with your claim that Short barreled rifles (SBRs) are considered unusual and dangerous, the equivalency of a braced pistol to a SBR, the over stated impact on society from braced pistols and any perceived need to change the status quo, the attempt to regulate use of a component, the attempt to regulate and determine intent, the arbitrary point system fabricated from nonsensical notions, saying that pistols aren’t fired with two hands, ambiguity and further nullifying clauses that make the entire point system moot, utilizing weight as a factor, negatively considering handstops as a factor, and lastly the proposed solutions & alternatives.*


    *Firstly, to say SBRs are unusual and dangerous and then say braced pistols are SBRs and there are literally millions of them in use all over the country seems is contrary on its face. They are a common use tool and sporting pistol at this point. To say there are millions of these braced pistols across the country and to only be able to link them to two mass shootings seems to point out that these devices and the pistols they are attached to are of no pressing public interest and are in fact very safe and not dangerous. A report from from the center for victim research states that since December 2012 the year braced pistols were invented and 2020 2,409 mass shootings have occurred in the usa, coupled with data for 2020 and 2021 brings the total to 3270 mass shootings of which only 2 have been linked to braced pistols? That means .0061% of mass shootings are linked to these crimes. Seems very safe to me!*


    *It is not the ATF’s job to regulate use of a component. It is the ATF’s job to enforce the law, not make it up. Chevron deference only joes so far. And this is overreach of the highest order.*


    *In creating the point chart the ATF has entered into a dystopian, murky, area of policing pre-crime and determining what people think and how they intend to act and levying huge financial and criminal penalties. The nonsensical point system is subjective from person to person and day to day. What is heavy for one person can be comparatively light for another. A brace that wraps around my arm one day might not fit in a year. These determinations have no basis in reality. And some are even penalizing safety – many pistols include hand stops to ensure that while shooting a hand doesn’t slip forward of the muzzle into potentially a dangerous situation. Is it not universally known that it is important to have two hands on the pistol for the most accuracy. Why would that not apply to ar pattern pistols?*


    *Further if someone were to navigate the ridiculous point system to make a pistol that adheres to all the ambiguous wording the clause that allows the determination to be thrown out and still find that the pistol is an SBR is downright foolish. To say even if individuals obey the new dystopian law the ATF has the authority to say they aren’t obeying the law is every citizen’s worst nightmare.*



    *Lastly, the proposed solutions and alternatives. I see only alternative one – no change, alternative 3 – grandfather all existing braced pistols, and distastefully and begrudgingly alternative 5 – tax stamp forgiveness as the only reasonable solutions. There are simply too many braced pistols to claim they are uncommon and it is that precise quality of commonality of use, and yet their scarcity of being involved in crime that makes me question why the proposed change was put forth at all.*

  • emperor000

    June 11, 2021 at 3:41 pm

    There are quite a few typos in this. Not criticizing, just pointing it out in case somebody tries to copy and paste. I’m on mobile now, but if I get the chance I will try to point them out so they can be corrected.

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