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    So I’m stepping up my 2A game and looking to buy a battle-belt/war-belt/whatever. A big part of this is because I’m looking to start taking tactical carbine courses and most of the ones I see require some sort of setup like a belt. Aside from that, what’s to point of having the rifle and magazines if you have no way to actually put them to use outside the bench if needed?
    So I’m a firm believer in the “buy once, cry once” philosophy and want to get something of quality. A chest rig will come in the future but right now I’m focused on the belt. The two I was looking at were:
    The Ronin Tactics Senshi belt which has a inner belt going through the belt loops and an outer belt with the pouches and what not attaching on the outside of the inner belt.
    The other belt was the T-Rex Arms Orion belt(s) which seem to feature a similar idea but rather that attaching to your belt loops on your pants the system sits over the top of your clothing.
    Now, I’ve been leaning towards the T-Rex Arms set up because I think I would prefer it to be able to be removed easily if needed. And while I did say that I’m not against spending money for a good product, the T-Rex Arms set up seems to be just that but at half the price of Ronin Tactics.
    Soooo the question(s) of the day are does anyone have experience with these and recommend one over the other (and why)? Also, would anyone recommend attaching the belt to the pants vs a stand alone belt or vice versa?

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