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    Its my first time NFA, be gentle. All the guides and stuff dont quite make sense, so if I could get some clarification in terms someone who has never NFA’ed before, that would be great.
    So, there is a silencer shop kiosk near, about a half hour away. I would like to buy a dead air sandman s, and an undetermined 2nd supressor, in about a week or two.
    If I buy online on the silencer shop website and use the kiosk, do I have to pay and transfer fees at the FFL? Does the supressor ship to the FFL after I complete the kiosk stuff, or before? Do I need to do anything other than purchase the supressor online before going to the kiosk?
    Additionally, what 2nd supressor would you guys recommend? Im debating between a direct thread 22lr or something 9mm for handguns and mabye a future PTR mp5 clone, so maybe something trilug-able? but also able to be threaded o to a handgun barrel. Budget would be like 500ish without stamp.
    Edit: Looks like dead air has a trilug adapter, so maybe theirs if I do a 9mm?

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