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  • Puerto Rico

    Posted by bunhein on August 6, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    Anyone know if thers any good cat fishing out Puerto Rico way sah down in the Caribbean and what not. and if there is god belp me ill get on a damn plane tomorrow to Port Canaveral then pretty well much take the first ferry out there. Will bring my lures, my Okuma, some of the best bait ever which i consider to be ground up tangue vermin…just ready to start my own damn life.over as the one and only catfisher a lonely fkng hermit…

    (and if your worried about it being dangerous 4 me dont worry i already know 1/2 ways i could die and neither would ever take place in a place like puerto rico, IOW – either i end up there or pretty well much end up going back to the states for vacation and just dying – unless there is a margaritaville in Puerto Rico (one of the ways psychic told me i could die is of a heart attack @ family chain restaurant in front of a 13 yr olds bday party…guess what already had 1 more heart attack down and really starting to think thid will be it for me at that point)

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