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  • Safety information about Carbon Monoxide

    Posted by nick on November 9, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    It’s that time of year when we start pulling out the ice fishing gear, tents, shacks, heaters, etc. I just wanted to take a minute to clarify some common miscommunications about carbon monoxide.

    Carbon monoxide is CO. This is the primary danger with using propane heaters in enclosed spaces along with lowered oxygen levels. CO. Carbon monoxide. Many of us are aware of this, but I want to clarify that MANY people also incorrectly refer to it as CO2 or carbon dioxide. CO2 is not typically what will kill you or make you sick in these situations. There are carbon monoxide detectors that detect CO. These are the detectors that could save you while running a heater in a shack or tent. There are also CO2 detectors that detect carbon dioxide, but those won’t help protect you from carbon monoxide. The gasses are different and the detectors are different.

    I just wanted to post this because I often see on forums where guys suggest getting a CO2 detector, or guys say they have a CO2 detector in their shack or tent. While most of these are probably actually CO detectors being called the wrong name, as someone who has had family members nearly die due to CO, I want to make sure people are aware of the primary dangerous gas, and are using the proper device to detect that gas. If people are actually buying a CO2 detector, it’s not going to alarm on CO which is the main risk factor.

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  • JaunDenver

    November 9, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    Was fishing with my buddy a couple years ago when it was really cold, like -50. His heater froze up and while I fished in my shelter he sat there for 20-30 mins trying to get his heater going. I called over like “hey what are you doing” and he said his pilot light keeps going out. I went over and opened up his shelter and sure enough it was full of gas and low on oxygen. He didn’t even realize it. Got some air in there and all the sudden the heater started working. They have those vent flaps for a reason, so open them up!

  • ijuanaspearfish

    November 9, 2021 at 11:52 pm

    Upvoted to possibly save a life.

    More and more people are staying out over night on the ice.

    I can already see the headlines this year about a few unnecessary deaths due to this.

    Vent your shelter and buy the correct detector.

  • bucksellsrocks

    November 9, 2021 at 11:52 pm


    I have heard that if you light a lighter and the flame “jumps off” the oxygen is low, air it out. I have “tested” this method and there will be a visible gap of about 1/4” inch if you are not ventilated after a couple few hours. Even with the vents open on my pop-up i see it happening every couple hours or so and so i open the door for a few and air it out. Again DO NOT TAKE THIS AS SAFETY ADVICE. its just the method i use to stay safe with the matter.

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