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    I bought a Turk 1893 Mauser and I’m currently trying to clean it up some. I’ve got the bolt clean, and the action removed from the rifle and I believe mostly clean. I’ve tried reinserting the bolt in the action to make sure everything functions before I throw it back in the stock.
    The problem is that the bolt sticks maybe 1/4 inch from closing completely. Some very gentle encouragement from a rubber mallet will close/open it just fine from that point, but I’m kind of at a loss on where to go from here. I’ve hit the bolt and the raceways with mineral spirits and a bronze brush repeatedly. I’ve cleaned out the chamber, both blotting everything with paper towels and using an air compressor to clear out any chunks. I’ve cleaned the chamber face again with mineral spirits and a toothbrush as well I’m able. I’ve done all of this repeatedly, and still can’t get the damn bolt to close easily.
    At this point, I feel like I must be missing something. Are there any trouble spots that may need to be polished on an old Mauser? Or do I need to get the action back in the stock? Or is it most likely that it’s simply an old rifle that needs more gunk cleaned out before it’ll work properly?
    [Shitty pics included!](
    EDIT: [Where the bolt sticks, since Imgur wouldn’t add it to the other album](
    EDIT 2: There was a small lip towards the front of the receiver that was rubbing the top of the bolt. Decided to try working the bolt with a little polishing compound, accidentally flipped the safety to fire, and then I couldn’t turn it back to safe or disassembly, whether cocked or uncocked. I also found that the bolt was significantly harder to turn with the safety off. Now thinking I really might have assembled the bolt wrong, may be an issue with the cocking piece?
    EDIT 3: Reassembled the bolt, made sure it was correct, same issue. Might be an issue with a worn sear? But so far as I’m aware, that shouldn’t cause the original issue. Thoroughly stumped on this one.
    EDIT 4: Sear doesn’t appear to have undue wear, but the pin holding the trigger assembly doesn’t want to come out, so I haven’t gotten to take it apart. May just need to be cleaned out. But that still leaves a bolt that doesn’t want to close.


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