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home Forums – The GUN Forum What is a proper definition of a “gun nut”?

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    Is it somebody who owns 3 or more? Is it somebody who owns none but beleives the 2nd amendment applies to tanks and ballistic missiles?
    I’ve met several people in the NOVA area, especially buisness owners and family / corporate lawyers, who seemed like the most liberal yet level minded people in the world. All of them at least despise trump. You can see how it suprised me to find out that many of them keep gun safes at home. They say the uses of these guns range from shooting clay pigeons to home defense (in NOVA of all places?) Some even have ar15s and ak47s in their collections.
    None of these people appeared to be the gun nuts that I always hear being mentioned in posts. In all honesty, I’ve never met anybody that I would consider a “gun nut,” but it sounds like many of you have.
    So tell me, what is your definition of a gun nut? How do they differ from gun enthusiasts and regular gun owners? In the same way that somebody loses all credibility when they refer to all democrats and gun control laws as communist and unconstitutional, we lose our credibility when we paint with a broad brush and refer to all gun owners as rednecks and gun nuts.
    Please educate me. Thanks.

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